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Juan Gabriel Juan Gabriel - Nunca Lo Sabre Nunca Lo Sabras Coincidencias: 2
Nunca nunca, tú sabrás,
que me muero, por tu amor,
estamos, hoy tan lejos,
Juan Gabriel Juan Gabriel - Sin Dinero, Sin Suerte Coincidencias: 2
anoche pensando en ti
escuché aquellas melodias
que tantos recuerdos me traen
Biffy Clyro Biffy Clyro - Being Gabriel Coincidencias: 1

The clouds disperse, there's a rainbow
With big eyes looking so pure
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - ...and Through The Wire Coincidencias: 1

And through the wire I hear your voice
And through the wire I touch the...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Animal Magic Coincidencias: 1

What did you mean when you opened your mouth and let all our secrets out?
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - A Wonderful Day In A One Day World Coincidencias: 1

Saturday is shopping day and I drive my car but there's no place to park it,...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Big Time Coincidencias: 1

I'm on my way I'm making it, Huh!
I've got to make it show yeah, Hey!
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Biko Coincidencias: 1

September '77
Port Elizabeth weather fine
It was business as usual...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Blood Of Eden Coincidencias: 1

I caught sight of my reflection
I caught it in the window
I saw th...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Come Talk To Me Coincidencias: 1

The wretched desert takes its form, the jackal proud and tight
In searc...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Darkness Coincidencias: 1

i'm scared of swimming in the sea
dark shapes moving under me
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Digging In The Dirt Coincidencias: 1

Something in me, dark and sticky
All the time it's getting strong
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - D.i.y. Coincidencias: 1

D.I.Y., D.I.Y., D.I.Y., D.I.Y.
Don't tell me what I will do, 'cos I won...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Dont Give Up Coincidencias: 1

in this proud land we grew up strong
we were wanted all along
I wa...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Down The Dolce Vita Coincidencias: 1

"Hey Mac, see you down the Dolce Vita!
"Get back, we don't have time
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Excuse Me Coincidencias: 1

Excuse me
You're wearing out my joie de vie
Grabbing those good ye...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Exposure Coincidencias: 1


Space is what I need, it's what I feed on.

Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Family Snapshot Coincidencias: 1

The streets are lined with camera crews
Everywhere he goes is news
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Flotsam And Jetsam Coincidencias: 1

Doing nothing, stuck in the mud, just pumping the blood.
The water leve...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Fourteen Black Paintings Coincidencias: 1

From the pain come the dream
From the dream come the vision
From t...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers Coincidencias: 1

Hans plays with Lotte, Lotte plays with Jane
Jane plays with Willi, Wil...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Growing Up Coincidencias: 1

folded in your fleshy purse
i am floating once again
while the m...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Here Comes The Flood Coincidencias: 1

When the night shows
the signals grow on radios
All the strange th...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Home Sweet Home Coincidencias: 1

Met this girl called Josephine and took her up on my machine,
We had a...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Humdrum Coincidencias: 1

I saw the man at J.F.K.
He took your ticket yesterday
In the humdr...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - I Dont Remember Coincidencias: 1

I got no means to show identification
I got no papers show you what I a...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - I Grieve Coincidencias: 1

it was only one hour ago
it was all so different then
there's no...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - I Have The Touch Coincidencias: 1

The time I like is the rush hour, cos I like the rush
The pushing of th...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Indigo Coincidencias: 1

It's too late, this model's out of date.
Got every spare part, but ther...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Intruder Coincidencias: 1

I know something about opening windows and doors
I know how to move qui...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes Coincidencias: 1

love I get so lost, sometimes
days pass and this emptiness fills my hea...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Kiss Of Life Coincidencias: 1

See me a big woman, big woman look how you dance
See me a big woman, bi...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Kiss That Frog Coincidencias: 1

(Aah, yeah)

Jump in the water

Sweet little princess
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Lay Your Hands On Me Coincidencias: 1

Sat in the corner of the Garden Grill, with plastic flowers
on the wind...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Lead A Normal Life Coincidencias: 1

It's nice here with a view of the trees
Eating with a spoon?
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Love To Be Loved Coincidencias: 1

(Aaaaahi, byeeee)

So, you know how people are
When it's all...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street Coincidencias: 1

for anne sexton

looking down on empty streets, all she can see
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Modern Love Coincidencias: 1

Hey, I'm feeling so dirty, you're looking so clean
All you can give is...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - More Than This Coincidencias: 1

i woke up and the world outside was dark
all so quiet before the dawn...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Moribund The Burgermeister Coincidencias: 1

Caught in the chaos in the market square
I don't know what, I don't kno...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Mother Of Violence Coincidencias: 1

Walking the street with her naked feet,
So full of rhythm but I can't f...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - My Head Souns Like That Coincidencias: 1

the metal jangles as the key turns
unlock the door, wipe my feet clean...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - No Self Control Coincidencias: 1

Got to get some food
I'm so hungry all the time
I don't know how t...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Not One Of Us Coincidencias: 1

It's only water
In a stranger's tear
Looks are deceptive
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - No Way Out Coincidencias: 1

saw a group of people forming
round a figure lying down
and some...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Only Us Coincidencias: 1

Only Us [x3]

It wasn't in the words that kept sticking in...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - On The Air Coincidencias: 1

Built in the belly of junk by the river, my cabin stands;
Made from the...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Perspective Coincidencias: 1

I need perspective, 'cos I'm facing the wall.
I need perspective, 'cos...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Red Rain Coincidencias: 1

red rain is coming down
red rain
red rain is pouring down
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - San Jacinto Coincidencias: 1

Thick cloud - steam rising - hissing stone on sweat lodge fire
Around m...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Secret World Coincidencias: 1

I stood in this sunsheltered place
'Til I could see the face behind the...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey Coincidencias: 1

Shock the monkey to life
Shock the monkey to life

Cover me...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Signal To Noise Coincidencias: 1

you know the way that things go
when what you fight for starts to fall...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Sky Blue Coincidencias: 1

lost my time lost my place in
sky blue
those two blue eyes light...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer Coincidencias: 1

you could have a steam train
if you'd just lay down your tracks
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Slowburn Coincidencias: 1

We're character actors from the Tower of Babel
Bewildered, burned out h...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill Coincidencias: 1

Climbing up on Solsbury Hill
I could see the city light
Wind was b...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Steam Coincidencias: 1

Stand Back!
Stand Back!

What are those dogs doing sniffing a...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - That Voice Again Coincidencias: 1

I want to be with you
I want to be clear
but each time I try
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - The Barry Williams Show Coincidencias: 1

let's go

one man at the window
one girl at the bar
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - The Drop Coincidencias: 1

moving down the fuselage
toward the open door
catch you looking...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - The Family And The Fishing Net Coincidencias: 1

Suffocated by mirrors, stained by dreams
Her honey belly pulls the seam...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - The Rhythm Of The Heat Coincidencias: 1

Looking out the window
I see the red dust clear
High up on the red...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - This Is The Picture Coincidencias: 1

excellent birds

flying birds
excellent birds
watch the...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Waiting For The Big One Coincidencias: 1

The wine's all drunk and so am I
Here with the hoi-poloi, don't ask me...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Wallflower Coincidencias: 1

6x6 - from wall to wall
Shutters on the windows, no light at all
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - Washing Of The Water Coincidencias: 1

River, river carry me on
Living river carry me on
River, river car...
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - We Do What Were Told Coincidencias: 1

milgram's 37

we do what we're told
we do what we're told
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel - White Shadow Coincidencias: 1

Ten coaches roll into the dust, chrome windows turned to rust.
Hang on...
Juan Magan Juan Magan - Bailando Por Ahi (ayer La Vi) Coincidencias: 1
(Ayer la vi)
Ayer la vi desde hace mucho tiempo y…

(Con sus amigas en una ca...
Juan Luis Guerra Juan Luis Guerra - La Hormiguita Coincidencias: 1
La conoci una tarde
con su guitarra cazaba boleros,
tenia puesto un jean y
Juan Luis Guerra Juan Luis Guerra - A Pedir Su Mano Viene Coincidencias: 1
A Pedir Su Mano
Juan Luis Guerra
Voy a pedir su mano
al amor hay que dar de beb...
Juan Luis Guerra Juan Luis Guerra - Ay Mujer Coincidencias: 1
Ay Mujer
Juan Luis Guerra
Ay mujer
by juan luis guerra
Ay mujer
Juan Luis Guerra Juan Luis Guerra - Tan Solo He Venido Coincidencias: 1
Juan Luis Guerra Tan Sólo He Venido letra
No he venido a pedirte
como suelo, Señor
Juan Luis Guerra Juan Luis Guerra - Extiende Tu Mano Coincidencias: 1
Juan Luis Guerra Extiende Tu Mano letra
Extiende tu mano, Señor
pues todo lo puede tu...
Juan Luis Guerra Juan Luis Guerra - Cancion De Sanidad Coincidencias: 1
Juan Luis Guerra Canción de Sanidad letra
Ven, tócame Señor
quiero recibir
Juan Luis Guerra Juan Luis Guerra - Gloria Coincidencias: 1
Juan Luis Guerra Gloria letra
Gloria, aleluya, Padre del cielo
adorarte quiero solo a...
Juan Luis Guerra Juan Luis Guerra - Mi Bendición Coincidencias: 1
Dicen que las flores no dejaban de cantar
tu nombre, tu nombre cariño
Que las olas...
Juan Luis Guerra Juan Luis Guerra - 1000 Razones Coincidencias: 1
Nos encontramos una tarde bajo el sol de primavera
tu caminando entre mis pasos y yo vistien...
Juan Luis Guerra Juan Luis Guerra - Bilirrubina Coincidencias: 1
Oye, me dio una fiebre el otro día
por causa de tu amor, cristiana
que fui a parar...
Ana Gabriel Ana Gabriel - A La Orilla De Un Palmar Coincidencias: 1
A la orilla de un palmar
yo vi de una joven bella
su boquita de coral
sus oj...
Ana Gabriel Ana Gabriel - Amigo Simplemente Amigos Coincidencias: 1
Siempre, como ya es constumbre dia a dia es igual
no hay nada que decir ante la gente es asi...
Juan Carlos Alvarado Juan Carlos Alvarado - Le Llaman Guerrero Coincidencias: 1

Cuentan con un Dios
Que hace maravillas
Dandole poder a su pueblo
Enrique Iglesias Enrique Iglesias - Cuando Me Enamoro (ft. Juan Luis Guerra) Coincidencias: 1
Si pudiera bajarte una estrella del cielo
lo haria sin pensarlo dos veces
porque te qu...
Juan Magan Juan Magan - 2 Fly Coincidencias: 1
I don't wanna make you cry cry cry cry
I just wanna teach you fly fly fly
This tonight...
Juan Magan Juan Magan - Te Voy A Esperar (ft. Belinda) Coincidencias: 1
He soado tantas veces como seria mi vida contigo
Y es que yo me siento como iluminado, enam...
Juan Magan Juan Magan - Mal De Amores Coincidencias: 1
Te he llamado en ocasiones
Y t nunca has respondido
Deja a un lado el mal de amores
Enrique Iglesias Enrique Iglesias - Noche Y De Dia (ft. Yandel Y Juan Magan) Coincidencias: 1
Hoy, me dijeron que te vieron por la ciudad
Caminando por la calle en la oscuridad
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